What is included in a comprehensive evaluation?
A comprehensive evaluation is tailored to every client’s individual needs, but typically consists of:

  • Initial consultation with Dr. Oak
  • Review of available background records, including but not limited to: results of previous assessments, standardized test scores, school records, medical history, and work samples
  • Administration, when appropriate, of student, parent, and teacher questionnaires
  • Psycho-educational Assessment
  • Feedback session with Dr. Oak to ensure clients and/or parents fully understand results

Dr. Oak is also available for consultation with school and medical personnel to ensure wrap-around services and in order to craft personalized strategies.

Oak Psychological Services will provide a comprehensive written report that may include the following:

  • Summaries of previous medical, cognitive, and educational assessments
  • Detailed interpretative score report
  • Comprehensive analysis of your child’s unique profile of strengths and weaknesses
  • Diagnostic impressions for identified disorders, if applicable
  • A strategy plan including specific recommendations for supporting academic, behavioral, and/or emotional improvement
  • Suggested recommendations for interventions for both the home and school environments

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